Middle East Architecture

Beyazit Mosque

Also known as
Sultan Bayezid II Külliyesi
Bayezid Mosque
Yeniçeriler Caddesi
Basic Information
Designed by Mimar Hayreddin
Type Holy Place
Neighborhood: Beyazit
More Information
  • Main dome diameter: 55 feet
  • Main dome height: 144 feet
  • Distance between minarets: 259 feet
  • Architect: Mimar Hayreddin
  • Architect: Yakupsah bin Sultansah
  • 1501: Construction begins
  • 1506: Construction is completed
  • 1509: This dome of this mosque is damaged in a large earthquake.
  • 1573: Koca Mi‘mar Sinan Aga begins repair work on this building.
  • 1574: Sinan's work is completed.
  • 1683: One of the minarets burns in a fire.
  • 1754: The dome is repaired again.
  • 1764: One of the minarets burns in a fire.